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Powered by WebTribes Inc., a leader in online self-help and search technologies. On the heels of its successful therapist directory TherapyTribe, WebTribes has launched AttorneyTribe professional directory in its continued effort to connect qualified professionals with its growing search community. It is our goal to make it easy for people to find a qualified attorney in their area; as well as give legal professionals the visibility they need to grow their private practice.

WebTribes Inc., got its start as a provider of online community websites designed to bring people together from around the world in need of support. Each online community offers members a convenient and safe place to connect. Founded in 2006, WebTribes communities have quickly become the top support destination for those isolated by their illness. In February 2008, WebTribes was featured in the American Psychological Associations publication, "Monitor on Psychology."

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DepressionTribe.com | AnxietyTribe.com | OCDTribe.com | AddictionTribe.com | HIV/AidsTribe.com | TherapyTribe.com

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