What is Traffic Tickets Law? How to Find a Traffic Tickets Lawyer

Traffic Law

What are Traffic Tickets and Traffic Law?

Traffic tickets are an area of law where most people are inclined to represent themselves or just let it go and pay the fee. However, traffic tickets are not a laughing matter. Over time they can add up and they become increasingly expensive as you obtain more. Traffic tickets are given for road violations as well as vehicle violations such as speeding, lack of licenses, and the like.

Governing Law

Traffic tickets are primarily governed by state law. They are codified in the state law legislative database. You can access these laws and requirements through your states legislative website as well as from your local courthouse or BMV. Traffic tickets that result in a suspension of your license typically require that you go to the local courthouse as well as the BMV to undergo various procedures such as a hearing at test in certain states.

Reasons for Hiring an Attorney

Many people are inclined to try to represent themselves when it comes to traffic violations. They presume that it is an easy enough matter to handle themselves. However, while traffic tickets are not as difficult to defend as murderer or theft, they�re still not easy. Lawyers do not generally specialize in traffic court, and they may be willing to give you a discounted rate or to give you counsel for price if you want to represent yourself. It may be cheaper in the long run though just to have the attorney there to represent you and make the best possible argument in line with the rules of evidence.

You also want an attorney to represent you if the traffic ticket results in a much steeper fine or possible imprisonment. For instance, you can receive a traffic ticket in conjunction with the presumption of negligence case in a vehicle accident. The consequences range from a small fine to more than 25 years in prison depending on your past history. At the very least, you will want to discuss matters with an attorney before you go into court to make sure that you understand what to expect as well as the likely judgment of the court will administer. In matters with multiple violations or that involve multiple areas of law such as personal injury, negligence, criminal recklessness, and the like, you will need an attorney there to help protect your interests. In some states what you say in traffic court can and will be held against you in later proceedings. Protecting your rights is part of the attorney�s job. Additionally the attorney will help to make sure that you raise all of your defenses and avoid waiving any of them in your response.

Things to Look for in a Traffic Lawyer

The kind of attorney you hire depends primarily on the other offenses involved traffic ticket. If it's just a traffic ticket from speeding or running a red light without any other aggravating factors or prior history, then you may hire a general practice attorney. If, however, the situation involves injury to someone or the discovery of drugs in your vehicle or system, you want a criminal defense attorney or law firm. Even though you can be charged civilly for personal injury cases, the criminal defense lawyer or law firm will generally be qualified to protect you in both situations and will simplify the process. As a general rule, you don�t want to have multiple attorneys representing you even if it�s in separate but related cases.

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