How to Choose a Lawyer

AttorneyTribe - How to Choose a Lawyer
Welcome to AttorneyTribe, professional attorney search directory. Selecting the right attorney is a critical part of beginning to resolve your legal issue. Finding an attorney you enjoy working with and that you can trust, can be a valuable asset in many situations current and future.
Follow the steps below when conducting your search for s qualified lawyer.

Step 1: Do You Need a Lawyer?

It many situations it may be obvious that you need to find an attorney for example, if you've been charged with a crime, served a lawsuit, need a divorce or been wrongfully terminated at work. However, there are several less obvious situations that a lawyer can help, possibly preventing serious legal problems from happening in the future. A qualified attorney can help you understand the complex rules associated with starting a business, estate planning, adoption, will and trust drafting, tax strategies and more.

It is important that you review the different areas of law and ask yourself, Could a lawyer help me understand my situation better? If you are still uncertain if you need a lawyer, ask for a free consultation. A lawyer will assess your legal issue and tell you the benefits of obtaining legal assistance or if you should pursue legal action at all.

Step 2: Search for a Lawyer by Specialization.

Attorneys typically practice one area of law, with the goal of becoming an expert in their field. It is important you define your problem carefully and select a lawyer that is qualified in the specialized area of law you need. Review our legal topics section to get an overview of the different legal practice areas.

When in doubt, ask. Attorneys value their reputation and will be honest about what they specialization in. It is in their best interest to be truthful because they often rely on referrals.

Step 3: Review their Credentials.

In addition to choosing a lawyer with expertise in a particular area of law, it is critical that you review their complete credentials, including their education, certifications, and that they are in good standing with their state bar. AttorneyTribe requires that its attorneys post their bar number on their profile page.

While most lawyers are straightforward and honest about their areas of expertise, doing a bit of independent research at the onset will give you the peace of mind that you are working with an attorney you can trust.

Step 4: Arrange a Meeting.

Most attorneys will agree to a one time free consultation. Scheduling this meeting will give you a quick sense of how accessible they will be in the future. Do they respond to your email or call in a timely fashion? Do they present themselves in a professional manner. Do they appear organized and able to manage their own business properly?

Step 5: Ask Questions.

This is your opportunity to interview your potential attorney. Ask for references and examples of previous cases that are similar to yours. Ask about the outcome of those cases. Ask about their legal fees, if there are junior attorneys or paralegals to handle some of the legal work at a lower rate or if they can assist you in dealing with your problem at least partly on your own.

This would also be the time to ask if there are alternatives to legal action that they recommend. A good lawyer will have your best interests in mind. You should feel comfortable with their legal capabilities as well as how they treat you as an individual. In order to establish an ideal lawyer-client relationship, it is important you feel comfortable talking with your potential attorney, and feel they have a personality that is compatible with your own.

Next Steps:

Search the AttorneyTribe directory for a qualified lawyer in your area. Arrange an initial  meeting to answer your questions and to get a sense of the how to begin resolving your particular legal situation.

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