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Adapting Your Will


The purpose of wills and probate are to ensure the proper distribution of property after the owner passes away. It’s important to prepare for the future, and through proper preparation of a will, you can help make sure that your family will be provided for. So long as you comply with the wills and probate laws of your state, you do not have to have an attorney or a law firm. However, having a law firm or a wills and probate lawyer to assist you with your will and estate planning can protect your family from lengthy will battles or a distribution of your assets that does not meet your desires. In some cases though, it may be cheaper to handle the preparations and modifications and then have a lawyer review it afterward.

Revoking Your Will

You can revoke a will in multiple ways through your state’s wills and probate laws. The easiest way is to write a new will that meets the formal requirements of your state’s will and probate laws. Each new will that is in compliance...

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