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Trusts and Estate Planning Basics

Planning out your estate can seem like a task that can wait until later, but often times, people wait until it’s too late. Even if you don’t have a typical "estate" complete with a mansion, pool, and fountain in the front yard, you should still take the time to manage your property. Proper estate management can not only ensure proper disposal on death, but can also lower tax liability and increase your holdings. Trusts and estate planning is essential for any estate, no matter how small, and establishing a trust can help you to protect your assets.

Trust Basics

Trusts are a part of estate planning. When it comes to trusts and estate planning, trusts are the least intuitive. In other words, trusts require the expert attention of a trust and estate planning lawyer even to understand the basics. In the most basic terms, a trust is a written instrument that governs how property is to be handled. A trust requires funding through either money or other property. Most trusts then...

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