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Getting Out of a Traffic Ticket


Traffic tickets account for one of the most common reasons that people wind up in the court system. It’s also one of the most common legal situations in which people are inclined to represent themselves rather than hire a lawyer or a law firm to represent their interests. This stems not only from the fact that most people presume that traffic tickets are not a big deal or because they would just rather pay the fine or would assume that they can figure it out as they go.

However, traffic ticketsare no laughing matter. They generally increase in severity with each enforced ticket. They add to the points on your driver’s license, and repeat offenders may find that the fines quickly escalate from less than $100. In some cases, punitive damages may even be assessed against you. Hiring an attorney to represent your interests, whether a general practice lawyer or a law firm, will ensure that your rights are better protected. Even with a lawyer, you can make it more likely that yo...

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