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Moving to Boston? Here's a Brief Overview of What You Need to Know as a Home Owner


Boston is an incredible city with a rich history. If you&#39re fortunate enough to move there and get a house, then you&#39re probably excited. Despite all of the wonders of Boston, though, the fact remains that there are some important things you need to know. Not everything is perfect, and if you&#39re not careful, you could wind up in a little bit of trouble.

Never Trust a Quit Claim Deed

In real estate law, a quit claim deed or a quick claim deed both spell bad news for homeowners. It&#39s very tempting when someone offers it to you. After all, the price is generally significantly lower, and the paperwork moves so much faster. What most people don�t&#39 realize, though, is that these deeds are deeds that give you no warranties whatsoever. As any Boston attorney will tell you, you only have the warranties that the contract provides for you. A quit claim deed says that the seller promises nothing. This means that the house that you purchase could belong to som...

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Improve Your Competitiveness in Purchasing Real Estate


Compared to other areas of law, real estate law is quite regulated yet without so much that you have no flexibility. When you are purchasing property in a low competition area, you might not run into any problems. It might be enough for your attorney to prepare the paperwork along with the real estate agent, and you can then get your property at the price you set out. However, despite the low housing sales in most parts of the country, some parts are becoming more popular or never went down such as larger metropolitan areas like Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.

When purchasing real estate in a competitive area, the key is to make sure that your deal is stronger than your competitor. This can be particularly difficult if you are trying to go up against deep pocketed investors. However, there are certain things that you can do to make your offer all the more enticing.

Pay All Cash or Mostly Cash

If you can manage it, paying in all cash or mostly all cash can be huge in closing deal...

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