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Why You Need to Protect Your Intellectual Property


A few years ago, a series of rewrites of "Pride and Prejudice" came out. One of the most famous was "Pride and Prejudice and Zombie" and other similar titles. The copyright on Jane Austen's work had expired, allowing the beloved novel into the public domain. Certain parts of the artistic world celebrated by taking whole segments of the book and interlacing it with tales of zombie hunting and tragic zombie failures. While some people found it mildly amusing, others found it to be a lazy grab at fame.

The Telegraph reported that more of these books are likely to be forthcoming as more beloved classics enter into the public domain. But there is one classic novel that will not be featuring zombies, vampires, or any other parody. That book is "Tarzan."

What Saved "Tarzan?"

When Edgar Rice Burroughs crafted the tales of the ape man, he had no idea how popular they would one day become. He himself was quite fond of the stories, and he wanted to make sure that they were protected. Rather th...

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Trademarks and You


Trademarks are logos or sayings or something that identifies your product or brand. While you can trademark something without the assistance of an attorney in a law firm or solo practice, it can be beneficial to have one on retainer as you may need help protecting your trademark later on. It’s also good to have one to help you as the trademarking process can be a little complicated. It’s important to find a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property. You may also benefit from discussing your initial trademark with a lawyer to make sure that it is worth trademarking and that another component of intellectual property law would not better suit your needs.

However, if you decide to pursue trademarking on your own, you will need to keep certain things in mind. Otherwise, you may waste your time and money with an improper trademark.

Create a Trademark

A trademark will generally involve a form of lettering or an image. In some cases, it is merely the stylistic formation o...

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