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Immigration Law: Affecting Business & Employment


Immigration law is a polarizing topic in this country. There are numerous concerns about the way the current and proposed revisions will affect businesses, particularly as immigration rates continue to increase. Part of the reason for this concern is that the code relating to immigration is so complex that lawyers who handle immigration matters have to be specialists. Additionally, immigration law intersects with every other major area of law from family law to business law to employment law.

Understanding all of these intersections and their implications are vital.

The Biggest Concerns of Immigration Law

The American Bar Association keeps itself tuned to the concern of the legal community. For their Business Law issue, they highlighted the top five concerns with immigration and its intersection with business and employment. These concerns included

  • Proper handling of immigrant employee benefits from termination and layoff to leaves of absence as compared to regular citizen employ...

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The Green Card Interview


In immigration law, you may presume that the only time you will need an attorney or a law firm is if you are denied or you get into trouble related to immigrating. However, a lawyer from a law firm or partnership can help you significantly in preparing for all aspects of the process, including application for a green card and the subsequent green card interview. Remember though that you will want to seek out a lawyer who is familiar with immigration law. You will need an immigration lawyer to help you with these issues as the laws regarding immigration are as complicated.

When you meet with an immigration lawyer about your green card application, he will give you an overview of the process. If you choose to wait to hire a lawyer until after your green card has been denied though, bear in mind a few tips for improving your results from the green card interview.

Bring Original Documentation of All Submitted Papers

When you submit your application, you will only produce copies. When yo...

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