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Considerations for Retirement Benefits


One of the initial reasons that social security was developed was to provide retirement benefits. It is actually one of the larger issues in elder law, and it is something that an attorney in a law firm or solo practice will know all about if they specialize in this area. However, the process itself is far more than just a simple sign up process. You have options that you need to take into consideration, and it may be wise to discuss your options with a lawyer who has a good grasp of elder law.

Options for Taking Retirement Benefits

You can take your retirement benefits in three different ways. The first is to apply to take it between the ages of 62 and your actual retirement age. The second is to take it when you reach your retirement age. The third is to delay taking any benefits until you are 70. Retirement age depends on the year in which you were born. For those born before 1937, retirement age is 65. For those born after 1937 is 67. The consequence of taking retirement benefits...

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