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Social Media: Source of Evidence for Lawyers


There is no shortage of opportunity to communicate in the Internet Age. The Internet is open to all people, regardless of sex, race, political persuasion, or even age to some extent. A criminal defense law firm in New York can conference with a Phoenix attorney as if they are in the same room. Skype allows many people to chat face-to-face with people thousands of miles away.

However, the ability to communicate over the Internet comes with a price: Once something is typed over the Internet, it stays accessible almost forever. Lawyers can use this as a great way to collect many different types of evidence for court.

Best Sites Lawyers Look for Evidence

There are a number of websites that are virtual gold mines for lawyers who want to find evidence. The first is Facebook. Facebook is open primarily because the Facebook servers store everything, even if it has been deleted. A good hacker can dig up that picture you deleted a few years ago. Every photo, every wall post, and every GPS loc...

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General Categories of Criminal Defense


Most of the time, when people think about needing a law firm or an attorney, their minds jump to criminal defense law. After all, that’s one of the worst case scenarios for most people. Having a lawyer when you are being charged criminally is important as more is at stake in a criminal proceeding than civil proceeding. If you are charged with a crime though, it’s good to know about the general categories of defenses so you can discuss matters with the lawyer from the law firm.


Insanity is one of the most commonly thought of defenses, although it is challenging to obtain. Different jurisdictions have different definitions for insanity, but generally, these end up revolving around an inability to understand the wrongness of the act. In some cases though, this may only extend to serving as a defense against cases in which an intent element is present.


Automatism is a lesser known defense in criminal defense law, although its sub parts are better known. ...

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