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Child Support Responsibility and Modifications


Child support payments can make you feel like you’re about to go bankrupt. Despite the fact that these payments are calculated generally in light of your actual earnings, they can still put quite a strain on your finances. However, strain or not, it is vital that you understand your responsibilities as regards the payments as well as how to go about modifications. As with most things in the law, you will benefit significantly by hiring an attorney to represent you.

Responsibility for Payments, Even if Someone Else Has Promised to Pay It for You

Once the court orders you to pay child support, you are responsible for those payments until the court determines otherwise. The responsibility is yours. It does not matter whether someone else agrees to make the payments for you. It does not matter if you have a legally binding agreement that someone will handle those payments. The custodial parent and the IV-D office can still pursue action against you if you fail to make the payments....

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